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Assistive Listening Devices

A TTY is a text device that hooks up to a telephone.  Two people with TTYs can type back and forth over a phone line to communicate/

Captioning is a service available on all newer televisions made.  The words that are said on a TV show or a movie will appear at the bottom of the screen for a person with a hearing loss to read.

An amplifier can be attached to a telephone to make the voice heard on the other end of the line louder. 

Telephone light/vibration
Devices can be attached to telephones and doorbells that will alert the person with a hearing loss that someone is at the door or calling through light or they will feel the vibrations instead of having to listen for the sound

When a person who uses a TTY (above) wants to talk to someone on the phone who does not have a TTY, or vise-versa, they can call through the relay service.  The relay operator will read what is typed to the hearing person, and type what is said for the Deaf or Hard of hearing person.

Alarming/alerting devices
These devices can be attached to fire alarms or other alerting things so a person can see a light or feel a vibration if one of these alarms goes off.

Hearing Dogs
A hearing dog can alert a Deaf person of danger and as well as daily events such as a phone ringing. 

People can get help hearing from other sources than a hearing aid.  These services are available to every person with a hearing loss.

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